1. Building design of all stages: designing new buildings, carrying out drawing from master planning to construction
2. Space rearrangement: rehabilitation of existing spaces so that they can provide harmonious support from your environment
3. Bioclimatic Design: strategies for minimizing energy demand of your space, according to the climatic conditions
4. Building Ecology and Sustainability : specifications for materials, finishes, furnishing, and other objects with the criterion of best indoor air quality
5. Auspicious layout and harmonizing spaces : using 5 element charts and orientation analyses to activate coherent spaces and balance discoherent ones
6. Diagnosing manmade radiation and earth fields: using state of the art devices such as magnetometers, low and high frequency spectrum analyzers, scintillation counters
7. Design through sacred geometry: applying forms and proportions that have positive impact on the space, through sacred geometry and biogeometry
8. Logo design based on personal elements analysis : soon available in consciousgrafix.com 

Healing Architecture