I'm Lydia 

Architect specialized in
environmental medicine 

Lydia Yiannoulopoulou is an Architect Engineer graduated from Athens University specialized in Sustainable Bioclimatic design and Low Carbon Technologies, with a keen interest in holistic design of spaces that promote the health and well being of their users.
She obtained her diploma in Architectural Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and had specialist postgraduate training in Sustainable Environmental Design and Energy Efficient Architecture at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, in London. She is also a PhD candidate at the University of Ioannina.
Her deep interest in the influence of buildings on human health lead her in undergoing a series of training and seminars concerning geopathology, building material’s emissions, manmade electromagnetic fields, as well as training in harmonizing spaces through Chinese Medicine in New York Academy of Chinese Medicine, in Sacred Geometry, Biogeometry, Building Biology, Bau-Biologie and Ecology International.
Lydia has a special interest in eco-villages and eco-communities, and has followed the EcoVillage Design and Permaculture Design Certificate Programme Findhorn Foundation. She believes that the creation of such clusters in our planet is the only way out of the environmental, nutritional, social and other problems of the structure of life nowadays.
“Healing Architecture”, of which she is a creator, has as a main aim the creation or the redesign of spaces that are healing for humans in all levels, taking into consideration and unifying matter and immaterial energy.
She believes that the path of self-awareness and the evolution of consciousness is the key to happiness, and she has a keen interest in alternative therapies, Healing Nutrition, High Math, Astrophysics, Philosophy, Sacred Geometry, as well as dance, painting, music and travelling

Healing Architecture